Ecological mitigation

If you fail to protect wildlife and their habitats when completing a building development it’s a criminal offence. So building projects must take account of a whole raft of legal requirements. Fortunately, this can be a win-win situation with the right expertise. SDN Property Services works alongside ecologists on ecological mitigation. Wildlife is kept safe and habitats are protected, improved and new habitats created. This means that the development can proceed while wildlife is safeguarded for the future.

We provide mitigations for UK & EU protected species such as: lizards; slow worms; great crested newts; birds; bats; badgers plus certain flowers and trees. This includes practical measures such as reptile fencing, badger fencing and bat boxes.

Whilst it’s important to preserve many habitats, if you’re unfortunate to have Japanese knotweed on your site then you’ll want to eradicate it. Japanese knotweed is an invasive plant that can damage buildings, drains and walls and ruin a property’s saleability. It has to be treated or removed in accordance with strict guidelines. We are fully able to provide this service.